Non-Licensed Asbestos Work Training

Asbestos Work Training

workman at rooftop of building being remediated

Course Aim

This training is for anyone planning to carry out non-licensed asbestos work as described in Asbestos Essentials Task Manual (HSG 210). 

The training can be the full course or task specific e.g. for electricians planning to drill screw holes to asbestos textured coating. 

Workers who may need this level of information, instruction and training include those whose work will require them to disturb asbestos containing materials, such as:
  • drilling holes in asbestos materials (including for sampling and analysis purposes)
  • laying cables in areas containing undamaged asbestos materials;
  • removing asbestos containing floor tiles
  • cleaning or repairing asbestos cement sheet roofing or cladding

Course Objectives

The session is a mixture of theory and practical training to ensure you and your staff have the knowledge and skills to work safely with non-licensed asbestos materials in line with Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Please note this course does not cover work with licensable asbestos materials.

Course Syllabus

Non-Licensed Asbestos Work Training covers the following:

  • how to make suitable and sufficient assessments about the risk of exposure to asbestos;
  • safe work practices and control measures, including an explanation of the correct use of control measures, protective equipment and work methods;
  • selection and appropriate use of protective equipment;
  • waste handling procedures;
  • emergency procedures;
  • relevant legal requirements; and
  • circumstances when non-licensed work may be notifiable (i.e. NNLW). 



Course Duration

The length of this course is usually one day but is dependent on previous training of candidates and the tasks that are to be covered.

Optimum Number

5-10 delegates

Training Aids

Audio/visual presentation, practical demonstration and course handouts


Candidates will be assessed upon completion of a written multi choice test, where 22 out of 30 must be achieved to pass the course. Candidates will also undergo a practical assessment.


Delegates will receive a certificate
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