Bespoke Asbestos Training and Refresher Training

Bespoke Asbestos Training

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Whether you are digging up a road or have a social housing project to deliver, we can create you a bespoke course that delivers the level of training you require. 

We appreciate the diversity in tasks that may disturb asbestos and want to ensure your employees are equipped to deal with them.

We also offer top up sessions to go alongside our standard awareness and non-licensed courses to highlight specific issues or topics.  We can include procedures and policies unique to your business or review incidents you may had in the past to try and reduce occurrence in the future.
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For larger organisations

We encourage the person responsible for asbestos to attend training sessions to give the employees the opportunity to answer questions specific to your organisation about asbestos.

We also strongly believe successful asbestos management is about ensuring all levels of a company are fully aware of the dangers of asbestos and what is required of their site staff to keep everyone safe. 

To achieve this we encourage managers, supervisors and even directors to attend a session so they know what they are asking their team to comply with.

Asbestos Refresher Training

Asbestos training should be refreshed annually or more often if the employee’s role changes within that time

At Soteria Asbestos we do not want to present the same material year after year so we will work with you to develop a refresher course that highlights the positives and negatives that have been experienced in terms of asbestos over the last year. 

Where possible we will include case studies and find new and innovative ways to keep everyone asbestos aware.
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