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About Us

The word asbestos derives from the word unquenchable or inextinguishable in ancient Greek. With this in mind,  we looked to ancient Greece for a company name.

'Soteria' is the Greek goddess of safety and so this name seemed to perfectly capture  our mission:  keeping people safe from the dangers of asbestos.
Helping Others

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where workers are not exposed to asbestos and our aim is to keep workers safe through training, identification and practical management of asbestos. 

We understand the unique requirements of each organisation and will ensure the services we deliver reflect our client’s individual needs.
“I am dedicated to fulfilling my personal ambition of reducing the amount of people who die from asbestos following the death of my own Granddad to asbestos related lung cancer. 

All asbestos exposure can be prevented and I want to ensure asbestos awareness is not just a tick box on a health and safety form but something people really do incorporate in their working life.” 

Suzanne Smith 
CEng MCIBSE 2016

Suzanne Smith - CEng MCIBSE 

Suzanne Smith has worked in the asbestos industry for nearly 15 years.

She started her career as an asbestos bulk analyst then moved onto surveying. Suzanne quickly progressed through the ranks before moving to the public sector to manage the asbestos for a social housing provider. During her time as the Asbestos Officer she trained 360 site staff to work with asbestos and was responsible for all elements of asbestos management.

Suzanne then moved back to the private sector and became Regional Operations Manager for a growing consultancy. This role gave Suzanne the opportunity to manage a team of asbestos surveyors and analysts and also continue to carry out her passion of asbestos training and providing advice for companies on how to manage their asbestos.

Suzanne is the principal consultant at Soteria Asbestos and works with clients to deliver the services that best suit the needs of their organisation and employees to achieve compliance with asbestos regulations.

Peter Cassettari – 
Commercial Director

Peter has worked in sales and marketing for over 20 years  - ‘A happy customer is a repeat customer’

He has gained an extensive knowledge in the commercial sector, thriving in digital marketing alongside traditional sales. 

Peter was recently awarded the Best New Business 2015 award at the Gainsborough Business Awards particularly for the way he oversaw the development of a key customer base and his emphasis on ‘A happy customer is a repeat customer’.


Soteria Asbestos are committed to raising awareness of asbestos and help those affected by asbestos related diseases.

To confirm our commitment we officially support the British Lung Foundation (BLF) and not only hold regular fundraising events but also offer discounts to our open courses when a donation is made to the charity. 

In April 2015 our MD, Suzanne Smith, completed the London Marathon and in September 2015 she also ran the Great North Run as part of the BLF’s Team Breathe. So far over £2,000 has been raised.
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